The Course

Each month you will receive a curated box of products that focus around a specific herb.

Each box will contain a sample of the herb, a simple tincture, a tea blend, and then 2 other products such as an oxymel, elixir, infused honey, oil, salve, or cordial! You will also learn:

  • how to plant, identify, forage, or cultivate one plant each month
  • how to properly harvest and store for future use
  • the history, constituents, and folklore surrounding each plant
  • how to work with the plant medicinally and culinarily.
  • any safety concerns and who should avoid the plant.

What you will learn

When I began piecing together this journey we're embarking on, I wanted to create something that wasn't just educational, but truly enriching for anyone who wants to learn about herbs. See, every lesson has been structured in a way that it builds not only your knowledge but also your confidence in working with these incredible plants. From the foundational aspects of herbalism to the more hands-on, practical tips for cultivation and usage, everything has been laid out in bite-sized, easy-to-digest chunks. This ensures that you're not overwhelmed, but rather invigorated by each new piece of information. No matter where you are in your plant journey, whether you are an academic or hands on learner, whether you prefer to forage or cultivate - this course will work for you.

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Your instructor

Angelina is a German folk herbalist who immigrated to the United States when she was a small child. She grew up learning about traditional folk remedies from her mother and grandmother and was always crafting potions from nature. In 2010, She received formal training in Traditional Western Herbalism and is currently a student of Astroherbalism through the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. Her passion is connecting people with their own ancestral medicine through story, plants, and food.